Releasr: Built by Filmmakers. For Filmmakers.

Built by Filmmakers. For Filmmakers.

What is Releasr?

With Releasr you can build your audience through all of the stages of creating and releasing your film, and distribute your film anywhere.

Whether you have a finished masterpiece or a storyboard on a wall, as soon as your film has a concept and a title, you can create a page for your film. It can be created in under 15 minutes and you are given your own URL, such as

So, the next time you’re chatting to someone about your film, and they say “I’d love to see it, when will it get released?” or “Your film sounds great, where can I see it?”, you can send them to your film’s Releasr page where they can click the Demand Button. The Demand Button builds a mailing list for you with the click of a button that you can download to directly contact your audience.

Your Demand list helps with crowdfunding, marketing, planning and showing investors and filmfunds that there is a demand for your film.

When your film is ready for release you will know who to tell, where these fans are are located, and you’ll have a way of directly emailing them to announce and organise screenings in their area.

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Discover Your Audience
Turn Every

living room, community hall, school, pub, church, film club...

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Into Your Films Cinema

How It Works

Releasr consists of two powerful tools for filmmakers:

How It Works

Releasr consists of two powerful tools for filmmakers:

The Demand Map

Imagine if you knew where everyone who wants to see your film is located. Imagine that you could email your audience directly and tell them when your film is screening in their area.

The Demand Map builds a visual representation of your audience around the world as fans “demand” to see your film. This enables you to make better decisions about where to market, distribute and screen your film.

Screen shot demand map PM

Releasr empowers you to directly target and email your audience based on location and demographic.

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Home Screenings Tool

What if you could independently distribute your film directly to your audience anywhere in the world?

The Home Screenings Tool allows you to turn every living room, cafe, community hall, lecture theatre, etc. into a cinema for screening your film. Your fans can host their own tupperware-party style screenings and earn money for being an official ambassador while generating a new stream of income for you and exposing your film.

The best part? Releasr enables this to happen automatically. It’s like your film has an active distributor working for you 24 hours a day, every day.

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